Mattia Caracciolo

Take your dreams for a ride

  • Size 35x50cm
  • Original technique : Digital illustration
  • Reproduction technique and support : Screen printing 3 colors
  • Edition : 20 prints signed and numbered by hand by Mattia Caracciolo

Price of the unframed print. Handcrafted frame available with collection in Venice: white, black, wood.

SHIPMENT : Reinforced packaging. Shipping by DHL or click & collect to the gallery (Monday to Saturday). Shipping charges do not include any customs fees for non-EU countries.


I can't do more.

Dreams are beautiful, but when they escape from your hands like eels or come out of your hands like clay every time you manage to grab them and shape them as you want, they are no longer dreams, but chimeras, swings. Bright and unstoppable rides. Then the eyes that get caught in the sinuous algae near the shore dive past the iridescent diamond dress that the lagoon wears every day and at every hour.

I grab all the dreams as hard as I can and hold them tight. Restless I ride them and... Splash. A rocket full of passion, pure emotions that fly quickly in the sky. And it is immediately an explosion of life, a firework of truth that shines in the sky and sprinkles the city with brilliant news.

Crazy. Now everything is possible. Now dreams become new signs of daily reality."

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