Mattia RIAMI

Prosecco time

  • Format 50 x 35cm

  • Original technique : digital illustration / animated illustration thanks to the app Artivive

  • Work printed in screen printing (4 colors) on Fedrigoni Arena paper 300 gr.

  • Edition : 20 hand signed and numbered prints

  • Price of the unframed print. Handcrafted frame available with collection in Venice: white, black, wood.

SHIPMENT : Reinforced packaging. Shipping by DHL or click & collect to the gallery (Monday to Saturday). Shipping charges do not include any customs fees for non-EU countries.

Ceci n'est pas un poster : find out why it's so much more!


"Prosecco is one of the products that most characterizes the Veneto. Its processing modifies the surfaces of the territory and the image of the landscape, tracing deep lines that create perfect geometries. Long green stripes leap to the eye when observing these rows, exalting the hard work  behind the production of this sparkling wine, we imagine the great hands of expert workers who take care of it day after day. However, this seemingly uncontaminated paradise hides many difficulties, one of which is finding harmony between increasingly massive production and coexistence with the inhabitants of the area. Prosecco time, in fact, raises the question of how much longer we can afford to expand the production of Prosecco, before reaching a breaking point. The two standing figures create a clean cut with the landscape, to symbolize their imposition on it, creating an enigmatic atmosphere that prompts us to reflect on what their intentions could be and what the answers could be regarding the resolution of this fragile balance."

Animated illustration : Bring this artwork to life in your home! Download the Artivive App at the QR Code, frame the illustration and it will come alive. The work is silk-screened in a limited edition of 20 copies, only you and nineteen other people in the world will own it. This will create an indirect connection between you. You must know that you will have 100 views available per month, divided among all, this wants to underline the importance of sharing, creating a delicate balance that pushes us to reflect on the other, to leave them the same possibility that we have, to share with him this experience and wondering who knows where the other works will be found.

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