The gallery opens its doors in Venice!

The Garance & Marion gallery opens its doors in Venice. After a year spent traveling Venice and the Veneto with specific themes around the impressions and vision of our city and the Veneto, we now open our permanent gallery in the Cannaregio district.

The opening so characteristic of the geopolitical history of Venice, of the Serenissima Republic, of the commercial port between East and West, of the various bridges that connect all the islands of the Lagoon, of the freedom of artistic and architectural expression. All these openings allowed the construction of Venice as a whole.

During the Renaissance, Alberti, theorist of painting, wrote in his De Pictura:

"First I draw on the surface to be painted a quadrilateral of the size I want, which for me is an open window through which one can look at history (historia)."

In the history of art, the opening to the outside, the window, is an object widely exploited by painters because it allows two spaces to be staged: the inside and the outside. Many artists have concentrated on this absolute quality of the window: a multiplier of spaces. The window shows, ungroups, connects, points, frames, surrounds, opens and divides, etc. It has many functions that painters have emphasized throughout the history of art.

Openness, which is nothing but the accessibility of something that wasn't, is also one of the characteristics of our gallery.

We are very pleased to invite you to the opening of our gallery, which will take place on Saturday 1st April from 6.30pm.
⏰ Opening hours: From Wednesday to Sunday - From 11.30 to 19.00