Jean Mallard, Favole d'acqua, his first exhibition in Italy

🌊 Favole d'acqua 🌊
Jean Mallard

Artworks created during his artist residency in Venice in March 2024.


📆 Wednesday 24 April at 7.00 pm
📍Gallery Garance & Marion
📸 From April 24th to May 24th

The laundry floats on the water, mixing the smell of the detergent and the lagoon,
Somewhere a football match resonates against the church walls,
An alley with grumpy walls, a dead end, a U-turn.
A bridge, then the docks, and the infinite sky
The same as Tintoretto and Veronese,
In the middle a small rower, gliding alone among the clouds.
I'm trying to find my way back,
At the same time I wonder how to draw this city without offending all the spirits that inhabit it.
Suddenly night falls, the sun sinks into the fog and the mirror of the water opens the doors to an imaginary world.
I've never enjoyed getting lost so much, wandering like a ghost, haunting the city like it haunts me.
Does anyone really know all the paths of the maze?
I would like to slip into an old palace and hide there for the rest of my life, find the old lion of Venice purring in a flower garden, have him tell me all his stories, all the forgotten battles, reveal to me the secret passages and treasures buried, but what can Venice resist?

Exhibition in gallery: Cannaregio 4590, Venice