Garance & Marion: an art gallery of new generation! (article from Naturally Epicurean)

Garance and Marion, two French women in Venice! Tell us a little something about yourself.

We met in Venice about three years ago, but we both grew up in France, one in the North and the other in the South. It happened during a literary meeting, after only a couple of minutes we had already become friends and only two months later we decided to undertake this crazy adventure. It was like an obvious choice, to put together our skills, personalities, and ideas here in Venice, a city we love so much.

Marion: I fell in love with this city many years ago, the moment I stepped onto a vaporetto at night, just by looking outside at the Grand Canal. Eventually I returned to the lagoon and decided to leave my life in France to live my Venetian dream.

Guarantee: Both during my travels in the past years and in 2016, year that I returned to Venice, I felt a familiar feeling here, something similar to being at home. I like to say that I arrived in Venice by chance for an internship in a museum, but then when I was offered the job... it was not by chance that I chose to stay.

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Thank you very much Nicoletta for your kindness.