Garance & Marion in Vicenza: City guides

Vicenza is not unknown to us. Although Venetian by adoption for several years, we both know the city of Vicenza for having lived there for three months for one and for various walks for the other. It is with great pleasure that we find Vicenza again and that we think with nostalgia of our best memories, which for some date back more than 12 years ago. But today we wanted to talk to you about the Vicenza of now, that of the beginning of summer 2022, where we too would be for our Vista Veneto exhibition (L'officina Arte Contemporanea, Contra Carpagnon 17, Vicenza) for 3 days. During our walks, we have noticed some addresses that we share with you.

Events in the city

  • Illustri , illustration festivals in different parts of the city

  1. Exhibition "Illustri", "Saranno Illustri", "Maestri Illustri" in the hall of the Basilica Palladiana

  2. Exhibition "Intro Illustri" in the Saletta degli Zavatteri (free admission) on the ground floor of the Basilica Palladiana,

  3. Gallerie D'Italia - Vicenza: "Illustrissimo" exhibition and permanent collections

  4. Exhibition "Burgo Collection 2018-2022 " on the ground floor of Palazzo Thiene

Find here the entire program of the Festival which takes place for a month in Vicenza.

Illustri Festival also offers free guided tours every weekend!
All you have to do is show up at the place and at the following times in possession of your Single Illustri Festival ticket.

  • Palladian Basilica
  • Saturday at 10.30 and 14.30; Sunday at 2.30pm.
  • Galleries of Italy - Vicenza
  • Saturday at 11.30 and 15.30; Sunday at 3.30pm.

"The festival returns from June 23rd to 26th in the marvelous setting of Spark , the area for music, sport, food and entertainment on the shores of the beautiful Marola lake, a stone's throw from the center of Vicenza . 5000 square meters with an equipped beach, bars, restaurants, beach volleyball and paddle courts, lake wakeboarding, gym and so much more." Rockon

To be seen

  • Palladian Basilica

The first nucleus of the Palladian Basilica consisted of the Palazzo della Ragione, seat of the city's public magistrates and shops on the ground floor. It was built between 1449 and 1460 by working on some pre-existing medieval public buildings. Tradition attributes the design of the large upper hall with a wooden roof in the shape of an overturned ship's hull covered with lead plates to Maestro Domenico da Venezia. Learn more.

  • Olympic Theater

" The Teatro Olimpico, one of the most evocative works of the Palladian genius, clearly inspired by the models of classical art, it is the oldest indoor theater masonry in the world. The sumptuous interiors are made with poor materials in wood, stucco and plaster. It was built on a project by the architect Andrea Palladio between 1580 and 1585, the year in which it was inaugurated. The Teatro Olimpico is now regularly open to the public and is located in Piazza Matteotti n. 11 in Vicenza, a city included in the Unesco World Heritage List thanks to the numerous architectural masterpieces by Palladio that dot the historic centre." Find out more.

  • Gallery of Italy
  • Odeon cinema

Restaurant/ bar

Righetti's Self Restaurant is a local landmark, centrally located in the historic center of Vicenza, Piazza Duomo. The restaurant is built inside a majestic 17th century building and is located a few steps from Piazza dei Signori.

To have an aperitif in a very easy way in a popular atmosphere.

"Fiaschetteria da Renzo is located in the historic center of Vicenza. The place is reminiscent of the taverns of the past, with a few wooden tables and a long counter, from whose windows the renowned canapés peep out. From the classic to the ham and mushrooms, passing from the delicious hard-boiled eggs and caviar to the simple tuna and peppers, the canapés satisfy everyone's palate."

A welcoming place where you can drink a good glass of wine while reading a book.

Very nice bar in the city centre.


            For the beauty of the Palazzo Da Schio courtyard, you have to stop here.

            To find out more and to prepare your visit, you can also go and see the friends of the Vicenza Tourist Office.