Il boccolo

  • Format 30 x 40cm
  • Original technique : digital illustration
  • Reproduction technique and support : Pigment printing on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Opaque paper 308 gr.
  • Edition : 100 hand signed and numbered prints

Price of the unframed print. Handcrafted frame available with collection in Venice: white, black, wood.

SHIPMENT : Reinforced packaging. Shipping by DHL or click & collect to the gallery (Monday to Saturday). Shipping charges do not include any customs fees for non-EU countries.

Ceci n'est pas un poster : why ?


"A blonde girl named Maria Partecipazio, daughter of a doge, dearly loved Tancredi, a very brave and very handsome troubadour. The doge objected, however, to the feeling between two young men, he would not allow such a marriage. Maria, therefore, asked to Tancredi to go to war with Charlemagne's army to cover himself with glory. Thus, his father, the old doge, would no longer have a way to oppose their love. Thus, the old doge, would no longer have a way to oppose to their love. One day, however, they saw in Venice some Frankish knights led by the famous Orlando. They announced the death of the gallant troubadour. He fell bleeding on a rose, but before dying he took a flower and begged Orlando to bring it to his beloved. The girl took the rose dyed with her blood and remained closed in her pain and in the memory of Tancredi. The next day, the day of the feast of San Marco, the girl was found dead, the flower bleeding on her heart."

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