Mattia Caracciolo

Fish & Spritz Splash

  • Format 20 x 30cm
  • Original technique : digital illustration
  • Reproduction technique and support : Pigment printing on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Opaque paper 308 gr.
  • Edition : 100 hand signed and numbered prints

Price of the unframed print. Handcrafted frame available with collection in Venice: white, black, wood.

SHIPMENT : Reinforced packaging. Shipping by DHL or click & collect to the gallery (Monday to Saturday). Shipping charges do not include any customs fees for non-EU countries.

Ceci n'est pas un poster : why ?


“The spritz is one of the popular symbols of Venetian culture. It represents a convivial moment, an encounter in everyday life. For the Venetians "if we see par un sprisss?" it's like saying let's have a coffee. An excuse to meet, to be in company, to create bonds, a way to get to know each other, maybe make new friends and spend a carefree moment after a long day at work.

Spritz as a moment of escape and sharing. Spritz as a sense of belonging and a symbol of sociability and fun. In this work I wanted to represent the essence of this drink in a minimal way, with its reddish colour, the olive stuck on a long toothpick and a slice of lemon floating in the inside, according to the tradition of the Campari and Select spritz. Shapes  and simple colors. As if it were a design object. To this element I added my fish, also identified as Sardinian. Symbol reiterated in my artistic production, which represents my bond with the sea, with my hometown (Taranto) and with my adopted town (Venice). My fish also means freedom, desire to live with curiosity, ambition and energy, in fact in this work I wanted to draw it in the act of acrobatically emerging from the spritz with strength and dynamism.

For me, this work completely symbolizes my identity as an acquired Venetian and that of Taranto, both realities linked to maritime culture.”

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