To give life to our idea, we went to meet the artisans of Veneto. We are happy to collaborate with Italian artisans who maintain the tradition of printing and framing. Behind these names are beautiful family stories.

Silkscreen print

Fallani in Venice

Love of art and craftsmanship

In 1968, Fiorenzo Fallani opened his screen printing workshop and came into contact with the Venetian art world. In 1970, Fallani was called to participate in the XXXV Venice International Art Biennale to work in the Italian Pavilion. Gruppofallani presents itself today as an established entity operating in the cultural environment sector, specializing in the creation and installation of exhibition systems and display cases for museums and galleries. Gianpaolo Fallani, his son has since taken over and perpetuates the family tradition in Venice's Cannaregio district, not far from Fondamente Nuove.

Fine art print or Giclee print


The expertise of fine art printing

" When experience, passion and technology come together for a perfect result. "

Fineart Connection was born from a long experience in analog and digital printing gained since the late 1980s. A beginning in the darkroom to become, in the mid-1990s, pioneers of digital printing with Lambda printer and Epson plotters.

Fineart Connection deals exclusively with Fine Art printing and all related services, from scanning to post production, from mounting the print on a panel to the final passe-partout and frame. Special care has been taken in the selection of printers and the creation of customized ICC profiles for each type of paper. This enables precise color, or black and white, representation that is consistent over time.


What is fine art print ? 


Degan in Marcon

The reference for museums and art galleries

Ernesto Degan grew up with his parents, learning the art and craft of woodworking. Because of this, the owner and his staff possess skills that enable them to meet every customer need.

Frame making represents a very old activity. Over the centuries, this industry has been constantly updated: new working technologies and new techniques of intervention, but the craft fundamentals have basically remained unchanged.