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"I come from Ribemont-sur-Ancre, a town of 700 souls in the north of France, near Amiens. I spent my first 23 years there, studying art and business management before moving to Lyon and Paris to work in communication I struggle to define myself through my place of birth, I think it's above all our choices that say who we are: we become ourselves when we leave our place of origin.
In 2021 I created the Garance & Marion graphic art gallery, together with Garance Laporte. We only collaborate with local artisans, which is a point of pride and a distinctive trait for us. We have been meeting the public for a year by creating traveling exhibitions in Venice and in the Veneto region, the next goal is the opening of our space in the city.
Since 2010, the date of my first trip to Venice and love at first sight with the city, I have returned year after year, cherishing the dream of moving here. In 2014, I lived here for a few months and made some friends. At the end of 2019, I left France and moved here, initially with an internship at the Alliance Française. Just before the outbreak of the pandemic, I met Garance. A friendship was immediately born and, in our conversations, our project emerged: to open an atypical gallery in the city. I really wanted to get closer to Venice. I was in a difficult period of life, I wanted to leave everything to find myself and this was the right city. Here I felt alive again and I decided to find a way to stay here and create a future here: precisely the gallery.
I think I have a visceral need to be surrounded by beauty, I could have made no choice but Venice. I have an almost passionate fusion relationship with Venice. Sometimes when it exasperates me I walk away from it, but I miss it. Those who choose to live here often experience this feeling of intimacy with the city. Luigi Groto said it very poetically, in his eulogy to Venice in 1570: "from that desire to return, which weighs on all those who leave it, it takes the name of Venice, as if to say to those who leave, in a sweet prayer: Veni etiam, come back again”.
What strikes me about Venice is that you can always live there without knowing it completely. There is always a calle, a passage, a statue, a different light, Venice allows itself but makes fun of us. We think we know it but we're wrong, that's what makes it unique and magical. I would love to see all the closed and abandoned buildings and buildings come back to life, I would like them to come back to life thanks to cultural or social projects, I would like the inhabitants to take back space, that politics would give them a way to do so. There is an enormous amount of projects to be carried out in Venice, the city deserves it and we owe it to them. "


" I was born and raised in Pau, in southwestern France, between the Pyrenees, the Atlantic Ocean and the border with Spain. I have also lived in Bordeaux, England and Paris. Art historian, I have worked around the world of institutional museums. Today I am co-founder with Marion Houssin of the Garance & Marion gallery, a space dedicated to graphic arts which presents a selection of limited edition, numbered and signed works at affordable prices. We do many things: curation and organization of exhibitions, accounting, communication, development of our company.As an entrepreneur, it's a 360° job in which you learn every day.

I discovered Venice when I was 5 and returned as a teenager. I started dreaming of Italy as a child thanks to the passionate teaching of my parents, who were in love with this country. I moved here 6 years ago, got an internship at Palazzo Fortuny in 2016 which became a job for 4 years. Thanks to this training I was able to learn many trades that are still indispensable for me in the art gallery today: inventory, conservation, organization of exhibitions, curatorship, creation of catalogues.

It is difficult to put into words such a strong love story. Why yes: I have a true love for this city. I cannot live without Venice; sometimes i have to leave her because she suffocates me, she annoys me, but after a day i miss her. It is a special city that has no equal. My outlook has naturally evolved since I arrived but, despite its contemporary dysfunctions, Venice feels stronger. Feelings are magnified; here I love more and cry more than elsewhere. I found a perfect balance; this city calms me down in my always busy and hectic life. I can't even count the movie-worthy stories that have happened here; I'm not even sure anymore that they are coincidences, but simply obvious.

In Venice I love the light that rests on each of its architectural or natural elements. It's different every day. I would like to see a different kind of tourism in this city and a more peaceful Venice where the native Venetians welcome the Venetians wholeheartedly without contempt. Venice should be given back its greatest asset: international openness. But not only during the Biennale, or at the Biennale. That its artistic, culinary and artisanal culture is truly valued, that transmission and teaching are a pleasure and not a burden. In recent years I have dreamed of undertaking and enhancing art in a different and more accessible way in Venice; for this it was enough for me to meet a great friend, Marion, who had the same desire to do and not just say. This is how our gallery was born. "

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Photo: Irene Gittarelli