5 minutes with Lucio Schiavon !

1/ What is your path and what was the spark that led you to art and creation?

There are many paths, one of all is the need to create my own world.

2/ What is the medium that inspires you the most and why?

There are many media, I use new ones all the time, my passion starts from exploring many often unexpected ways of drawing.

 3/ What are your influences and inspirations?

My influences are contemporary artists especially from America in the 60s where an avant-garde was born which is still very important and stimulating for me today. So not just artists but movies, comics and records.

4/ What is your creative path?

I don't have a particular creative path, the only thing I can say is that when I think of something and do it right away, it works, when I wait to do something else first, it usually works less.

5/ Have you ever had experiences in an art gallery?

Of course! my profession was born from the collaboration with the legendary Nuages ​​gallery in Milan where I began to publish my books. It was already legendary because in the team there were names like Pratt, Mattotti, Pazienza, Matticchio, Munoz, so I felt small and insignificant (hahah).

6/ Did you already know the reproduction (screen printing, riso printing, pigment printing) and multiple? 

I already knew each other, both from having studied it at school and from my long collaboration with Serigrafia Fallani Venezia.

7/ Which artwork would you choose to accompany you throughout your life?

Wheat Field with Crows by Van Gogh.

8/ Which exhibition, artist or work of art moved you the most?

Guernica by Picasso moved me, seeing it live was emotionally devastating.

9/ A place that inspires you?

Definitely the Lagoon.

10/ What is your favorite colour?

Indigo blue

11/ Music that transports you?

Very many. Music is my sanctuary.

12/ An essential book for your library?

Fictions of Jorge Luis Borges.

13/ A film that marked you?

The Night by Michelangelo Antonioni.

14/ A childhood memory?

The comics I used to get from my brother and dad

15/ What is your mantra?

“Hard Banks”

16/ What is your typical day like?

The typical day is working and seeing my daughter

17/ What is the role of Garance & Marion in the evolution of your career as an artist?

It is certainly a great opportunity with two very motivated and passionate gallerists.

18/ What are your future projects?

I'm trying to write a new book but I procrastinate all the time... let's see...

Thanks Lucio!

Lucio Schiavon on our website : https://garance-marion.com/collections/lucio-schiavon

Lucio Schiavon on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/lucio_schiavon/?hl=fr

Photo by Filippo Dallavilla and Anna Pistello for Barena Venezia.