5 minutes with Giulia Serafin!

What is your path and what was the spark that led you to art and creation?

My path has been varied, I started my studies in the field of interior design by instinct and then, passing through graphics, I landed on illustration. But the "spark" of drawing has always been there, he just needed to find the courage to go out.

What is the medium that inspires you the most and why?

I work mainly digitally, but I always start from pencil sketches. My ideas need a soft pencil with a dark line that is difficult to erase in order to take shape without fear.

What are your influences and inspirations?

I find inspiration mainly from the people I see around, from the situations that catch my eyes when I'm away from home. But even from my relationships, the strongest feelings are an always full well of inspiration. As far as influences are concerned, I would say many names of illustrators from the past and present… but in the same way I could say painters, architects, photographers and directors.

What is your creative process?

I trained as a designer, so it comes naturally to me, even in illustration, to follow a design process. It all starts with a broad search (in which it is essential for me to write many words), then there are the various drafts, the drawing and the colour. But being also a person who is at times completely irrational, I often do all this and then trash research and drafts, letting my instincts guide me alone.

Have you ever had experiences in an art gallery?

No, this with Garance and Marion is the first time.

Did you already know about reproduction (screen printing, risography, pigment printing) and multiples?

I had done screen printing, chalcography and monotype workshops. Printing processes with analogue means stimulate me a lot, they give specific constraints and in exchange they give personality and life to the prints, creating unexpected effects and breaking that sometimes somewhat oppressive "rigidity" of digital.

Which artwork would you choose to accompany you throughout your life?

An almost impossible question, but perhaps one of Calder's mobiles.

Which exhibition, artist or work of art moved you the most?

A solo show by Mattotti, with his original tables.

A place that inspires you?

The islands. But also the subway.

What's your favourite colour?


Music that transports you?

“Violoncelles vibrez!” , G. Sollima.

An essential book for your library?

Scritto di notte, Ettore Sottsass.

A film that marked you?

I could endlessly review Manhattan, Woody Allen.

A childhood memory?

A little me in the garden and my grandfather who cuts the grass around me, thus creating a scented cushion of grass and daisies.

What's your mantra?

I'm too indecisive to have a single mantra.

What is your typical day like?

I don't think I have a real typical day right now. I'm often on the go, don't have a single place to work from, nor a rigid routine. But I would say that most of the time I could summarize myself as a person who wakes up, eats a huge breakfast, works in silence all day, then gets up and runs off to catch a train somewhere. Ideas come to me at night and I try to remember them in the morning.

Giulia Serafin with Gianpaolo Fallani for " Ombra di rosso", screen printed in 5 colors (2021)

What is the role of Garance & Marion in the evolution of your career as an artist?

Our collaboration started almost by chance, they told me about their project and I simply found it a beautiful idea. At the moment I would say that I like to see where it can take me, but without necessarily wanting to understand what the destination will be. It's strange and very nice for me to see that they take care of my drawings (sometimes even more than I do myself) highlighting that artistic value that I often forget in my form vice as a designer.

what are your future projects?

Continuing to draw always and in any case already seems like an excellent plan to me.

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